Labor Day popular time for car thieves

FOX 51
Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 8:26am

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Labor Day is one of the top five holidays for stolen cars.

Graeme Wyatt with Impact Tint and Audio in Tyler says, "It's easier for thieves to go out there because nobody pays attention to somebody that's having car problems and there's so many vehicles out there, people are stressed, they're trying to get something done, so it's easy pickings for everybody".

Officers say sometimes car owners make it so easy for thieves by leaving their keys in the ignition or maybe just leaving the car door unlocked, but the number one cause of cars being stolen is by loaning it to friends.

Sergeant Steven Markasky with the Jacksonville Police Department says "Friends borrowing a car and never returning it so just be weary of who you lend your keys and your car to because it might not come back."


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