Internet sensation 'Kai the hatchet-weilding hitchiker' has been arrested for murder

Friday, May 17, 2013 - 12:46pm

The internet celebrity who gained fame as "Kai the hatchet wielding hitch-hiker" has been arrested.

Caleb McGillvary, better known as, "Kai the hatchet-weilding hitchiker." is behind bars in Philadelphia.

He is accused of beating a New Jersey lawyer to death inside his home.

Earlier this year, Kai skyrocketed to viral video stardom after this rambling TV interview captured the lively hitchhiker describing how he saved two victims from a deranged attack.

That interview amassed close to four-million views on YouTube.

Kai even made a hilarious cameo on Jimmy Kimmel.

But, four months after being hailed a hero, the homeless hitchhiker became the subject of a massive manhunt for allegedly killing 73-year-old New Jersey attorney Joseph Galfy, JR.

On the run since monday, Kai took this picture, his long-hair cut off, police say to try and conceal his identity.

Police say Galfy drove to New York City to pick Kai up last Saturday and then spent the weekend at Galfy's home.

Kai's last post on Facebook appears to indicate their encounter was sexual in nature.

Police are still investigating exactly happened.

Until more is known, the internet's infamous hitchhiker is off the streets and behind bars.



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