Gregg County jail deaths in past 10 years about average compared with similar-sized Texas jails

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 - 2:14pm

Longview, TX — The number of jail deaths in Gregg County during the past 10 years is about average when compared to other Texas county jails of similar size.

According to an attorney general’s report, there have been 13 deaths in the Gregg County Jail in the past 13 years.

This compares with an average of 12 inmates who have died during the past 10 years among seven county jails comparable in size to Gregg County’s.

Those jails are:

Brazoria County Jail, which had 13 deaths since 2001;

Galveston County Jail, which had 21 deaths;

Jefferson County Jail, which had 12 deaths;

McLennan County Jail, which had eight deaths;

Smith County Jail, which had 12 deaths;

and Williamson County Jail, which had six deaths.

Texas Commission on Jail Standards Director Adan Munoz said 81 people statewide died in county jails in 2010.

“A huge number of inmates go through Texas county jails per month and per year,” Munoz said. “The number of deaths is small compared to the total number of inmates each jail sees.

“However, I know that to a family who has had a family member die in jail custody, only one matters. All jail deaths are unfortunate for us and the families, and each and every death matters to us.”

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