Grassroots America: T.I.S.D. expenses getting higher

Friday, October 29, 2010 - 11:49am

TYLER - Grassroots members say the spending has to stop. The group recently released more information in an attempt to stop the nearly $90 million bond. The new information from the group targets T.I.S.D. cost to the average taxpayer.

Administrators for example, they say, have seen a 45% increase in pay over the last six years. They also say the tax payers cost per student is up 62%. Grassroots members say they received this information from Texas Education Agency documents but, Ron Vickery president of the school board says they spend their money wisely. He also says the district has had more than 20 public meetings to discuss the bond. He says it's all about three three things which include replacing one elementary school and building a new school. He says it can all be done without a tax increase. If East Texans opinions are any sign of the way voters feel residents just have to wait for election day.


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