Giving for a grade

Monday, December 10, 2012 - 7:58pm

Many believe the Christmas season is all about giving. One local elementary school here in Tyler, turned a good deed into an educational learning experience. St. Gregory Cathedral School students had, what's called, a consumer unit project, to find the most efficient way to buy food for donation. They did a hundred dollar food challenge to teach their students to use money wisely and efficiently.

Third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers were given $100 each for their class. Christie Strong, third grade teacher, said, "From there the third grade immediately started cutting coupons, through newspapers, through the mail, through online coupons." The students had, what they called, "coupon Friday" and sorted coupons out by food categories.

"Then we went through all of the store ads, there were ads from local grocery stores, outside of our city and we started to learn how to price match," said Strong.

"There are better prices at different places," said fourth grader, Henry Ainsworth. The third grade class was able to buy 242 food items for $99.50. All the food was donated to St. Vincent de Paul's Center along with the entire schools canned food drive.

"It was just really fun knowing we were helping people, like the needy people, because I really like helping people," said fourth grader, Emily Wilson. She said she even learned how it was more cost efficient for people to buy vegetables on sale rather than candy on sale.

St. Vincent de Paul's Center graciously accepted all of the students hard work. The director, Shawn Pickett said, "I'm happiest about is that that's exactly what they are taught in school and from little on up they learn to give."

If you would like to help out at the St. Vincent de Paul's Center you can visit their website at


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