Get the best online deals using a few tricks

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 8:43pm we all want them.

Online companies keeping track of what you're buying and it could be a good thing.

Foix 51 got some insight from the better business bureau.

"Cookies can be used by businesses, e-retailers to track consumers browsing information or they have the ability to track what you're looking at," says Olga Mondragon.

Reports say, by deleting cookies, which is your internet browsing history, you will be recognized as a new customer and will be offered better deals than existing customers. You will be offered discounts and coupons by online retailers.

Reports say, another way to save is, split-up your purchases. Buy one item and wait to receive your discount coupon, and then make your second purchase.

We never thought of this one, when you're shopping online... if you add items to you cart and leave them there for a while, the retailer will remind you of your wish-list and will most likely offer you a discount.

The Better Business Bureau tells Fox 51 , keep in mind when you're getting these offers.

"It's very important that you understand the purchasing policy and make sure you understand the terms of any free offers and any coupons that are being offered," says Olga Mondragon.

This season is about getting the best deals!

Here are the online shopping tips to get the great deals.

1.) Delete cookies (Internet Browsing History). If you go to your toolbar and click on tools, scroll down to Internet Options and you'll see Browsing History, click delete.

2.) Split up your purchases, buy one item, wait to receive online coupon offer, and then make your second purchase.

3.) Visiting you are s


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