Gas around the world: how U.S. prices compare

Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 6:45pm

U.S. — American drivers are getting frustrated as they pull up to the pump and see the numbers get higher and higher. But compared to some parts of the world, we're still buying gasoline at a bargain.

Our prices are only half of what people in Germany are paying this year at more than eight U.S. dollars a gallon.

The $4.00 mark that spooks us is a joke in Turkey--where people are paying a whopping $9.63 a gallon.

What about oil-producing companies like Libya? People there are only paying $.052 a gallon--and if you think that's the cheapest it can get, think again! The best bargain is found below us in Venezuela. If you can believe it, people there are only paying around $0.12 cents a gallon.

Does the fact that others are paying more make you feel any better about emptying your pockets at the pump?


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