Flint man loses home in fire: 'I need some help...'

Monday, December 20, 2010 - 12:23pm

FLINT - Ted English lives alone in Flint with his two pets - a dog and a cat.

Sunday was an emotional day for English. While loading his wood-burning stove, his home caught fire...

"I was outside, had just loaded the fireplace trying to stay warm and conserve electricity, because I've been trying to fight and get my social security for 3 years," English said.

In 1999, English's wife Mary was murdered by her own brother - a story covered on KETK back then.

A distraught English tells us doctors diagnosed him with depression and a stress disorder following the incident, and he hasn't been successful getting help.

"I've had this problem for...years and the social security office denied me because of their standards or whatever," English said.

Responders on the scene say five different fire departments were called in to fight the fire in English's mobile home.

"Now I've lost everything, I have nowhere to go, no money, and no family...my mother is the only one left and she's 78 years old and she's trying to take care of my 2 nieces and let them stay there with her, but...I need some help..."

English says...his pets were not killed in the fire.

RED CROSS: Red Cross says if you call them tomorrow and inquire about this story, they may have more information by then about how to help.


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