FBI abduction exercise like the real thing

Friday, January 11, 2013 - 4:58pm

Residents of one Tyler neighborhood were understandably worried this morning.

Their quiet subdivision was full of law enforcement personnel after a report of a child abduction. But it turns out, it was only a drill.

We had been informed on Wednesday that there would be a big FBI training exercise for law enforcement the next day.

And they wanted the media’s help.

We were to cover the supposed child abduction, but not necessarily follow the rules about where we are supposed to be, and what we are supposed to ask.

The command post was set up on a nearby street in the neighborhood, and we were supposed to stay away. So we tried to enter the area, simply following an FBI agent into the crowd. It didn’t work. They were polite but firm.

So, they took us to a holding area with a Department of Public Safety babysitter. Meanwhile, I drove to the entrance to the neighborhood to see what the security was like there.

Then we were all back in our news units, in sort of a holding pattern. All the information they are going to give has been given, and now the next step is the recovery of the child.

Later, the supposed bad guys were apprehended at a local hotel. The detective’s showed up. They entered the room. And eventually our adorable, imaginary little captive was free.


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