The Facebook Effect

Friday, February 11, 2011 - 11:58am

Earlier this week, we brought you breaking news about a Robert E Lee high school student who brought a gun to campus.

Social media updates played a key roll to getting the inside scoop on the details of that story.

Students were updating their Facebook and Twitter statuses while on lockdown inside the high school.

People flock to social media websites to get the latest news updates, but just how reliable is the information streaming through these sites?

According to a study released by Web Measurement Compete Inc., Facebook has passed the search engine giant, Google, as the top source for traffic to major news websites.

Some experts say, social media could even become the internet's next big search engine.

TechCrunch recently debated whether Twitter will become this generations most popular media landscape.

However, TV consultant, Julie Kraft warns, "You always have to remember that people who are posting on Facebook and Twitter are average everyday Joes. They are not journalist who are checking sources or have credibility."

Media experts believe the next big push for news will stem from mobile media updates.


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