East Texas school districts brace for budget cuts

Thursday, December 9, 2010 - 12:02pm

Texas public school spending jumped 63 percent for every student in the last ten years. With Texas lawmakers looking at budget cuts soon, school districts may have to do more with less.

Districts all around the state are already bracing for major budget cuts, but a few small East Texas school districts say they are prepared.

Marvin Beaty with Troup school district says if the state cuts funds, they are ready. "We knew it was coming. six years ago, we began saving money for the rainy day. well the rainy day is here," he says.

Bullard ISD Superintendent Keith Bryant says they are prepared as well. "No one knows the percentages of cuts--if any-- but if we have them, then we feel like we'll be able to survive because of some measures we've taken."

Both superintendents say the preparation still may not be enough to keep the cuts away. "If at some point the financial status of the state doesn't turn around, we are going to have to make decisions and some things are going to have to go. Hopefully, they are things and not people."

Beaty says the smaller the school, the more likely funds will be cut. However, even bigger districts, like Tyler ISD, are starting to look at ways to save the bucks. Tyler ISD tells us in a statement: "Although in the early stages, the school district is starting to outline priorities to help make financial decisions down the road."

Late this afternoon, the state released a telling report about the spending habits and performance of each district in Texas.

you can see them all here: Http://www.fastexas.org/study/


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