East Texas prepares roads for another winter storm

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 11:40am

When the snow and ice hit East Texas Friday, many were surprised to see how bad some of the roads were. With a possibility of snow coming again this week, people are wondering if last week's mess taught anyone a lesson.

Department of Public Safety officials say there were at least 75 car wrecks during Friday's winter storm. A majority of them were on Interstate 20, Highway 155, and U.S. 69. This week, however, snow and ice could be hitting East Texas again.

Larry Krantz with Texas Department of Transportation says they did the best they could in last week's storm. "We put down 60,000 pounds of meltdown 20 and used over 100 pieces of equipment to do so," he says. TXDoT put down gravel on major roads outside of city limits and they say they are prepared to do it again if needed. Krantz says they cannot cover every street, and their priority is I-20 and U.S. 69.

While TXDoT deals with roads outside of city limits, the City of Tyler fixes roads inside the city. Some streets like Loop 323 and Highway 271 were like sheets of ice on Friday. City of Tyler officials say they sanded slick spots, bridges, and overpasses first, but with only two sand trucks, they say they can only sand parts of roads.


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