East Texans say tamales are "muy bueno!"

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 2:48pm

It's a week away from Christmas, which means now is the time to stock up on your Christmas tamales! A family owned business here in Tyler, has more than just one cooking specialty, they mix Italian cuisine with their Mexican heritage.

Adolfo's pizza started in Jacksonville, Texas, and they expanded their family business to Tyler, but they don't *just serve pizza.

The owner Ludivina Hinojosa and her translator, Arizel Cajero, say they chose to add tamales to the menu, "Because she wanted to do something new and different, just to keep tradition of a Mexican food."

A tamale is composed of three parts: the corn husk which serves as the outer wrapping, corn masa which is ground up corn into powder, and the filling of meats or vegetables.

East Texan, Jose Cantu, said, "I prefer homemade tamales over anything else." Hinojosa said she learned to make tamales from her mother when she was twelve, but she's been making them for twenty-five years.

Last year they saw a big rush in tamales right around Christmas eve. "Last year they sold about ninety dozens of tamales in a short amount of time," Cajero said. Cantu said, "Ever since I was a little kid, my mom will make them or my brother will make them and we'll have them on Christmas eve with hot sauce."

For years, families here in Texas have ditched the traditional turkey dinner for tamales, so what is it about this Mexican dish that has East Texans in a frenzy?

"It's just been a family tradition, tamales on Christmas eve, ham on Christmas day," said Cantu. "It pleases her that so many people like her tamales, and by the help of her husband and her family, she's had a lot of help, but no it's a secret," said Cajero.

Don't forget to order your tamales this holiday season, especially since they can be frozen and reheated to last through the new year.


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