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Dover Baptist Church rebuilds after arson

Monday, February 7, 2011 - 1:20pm

Melba Allen has been going to Dover Baptist Church in the Lindale area for much of her life.

Last year, Dover Baptist fell victim to a string of East Texas church arsons.

Since Allen lives nearby, she had to watch the church that she loved burn to the ground.

"In just a matter of minutes, it was in flames and I stood by the window and cried. There went a lot of memories," Allen said.

A year later, a brand new building is dedicated.

Dover's new pastor A.R. Wynn says they had a lot of help getting there.

"We have a printed list, 3 pages long, of the people that contributed to this church and the building of this building," Wynn said.

And as for those responsible for burning the old building, Wynn says he's forgiven them.

"We're sorry. We're sorry for what they did to their lives and we don't see any reasoning to it as far as their concerned. We can't understand what they were doing, but there's no malice held here. We're just grateful that God was able to put it all back together again and better than it was before," Wynn said.

With singing, praying, giving thanks, and a lot of love, today's rededication lasted a whopping hour and a half.

Melba Allen is hopeful for the future of Dover Baptist.

"Well I certainly hope it grows. And when we walk out the doors, we're supposed to be examples, and that's the only way that we're supposed to live," Allen said.


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