Doctor: exercise helps reduce stress during tax deadline

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 2:02pm

BROWNSVILLE — A South Texas heart doctor and personal trainer have some tips to stay calm and collective during the stressful tax deadline.

They both agreed that exercise will do the body wonders as well as take a load off your mind. Cardiologist Jaime Silva says if stress isn't handled properly it can lead to more serious health concerns, "Stress produces a release of catecholamines. Cathecholamines are adrenalin, epinephrine produced by the body, all these substances increase the activity of the heart, increase the pulse, the blood pressure and in turn produce internal damage to the arteries."

It is recommended that you get 45 minutes of exercise three to five days per week and personal trainer Michael Gutierrez says he has his own take on stress management, "Another good way to cope with stress is to avoid cigarette smoke, alcohol, abusing any kind of drugs, definitely want to decrease caffeine and sugar intake. That'll definitely help and getting enough sleep is huge."


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