A decision on the Double D this afternoon

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 1:53pm

Judge Kennedy continues the injunction against DD Restaurant.

The Double D cannot open until a trial on November 28th.

The judge signed the order at 4:20 pm on Wednesday.

In the meantime, a restaurant can still operate out of the building, but it can not be a DD Restaurant.

$1 million bond has been set, in case the restaurant violates the injunction.

Today was the final day of the hearing on the temporary restraining order against the DD Ranch Restaurant by it's landlord Toys R Us.

Judge Christi Kennedy heard the deposition of the Vice President of the toy company, David Pico, where he reiterated their basic contention that the DD tried to slip the change in concept for the restaurant, with its scantily clad waitresses, by Toys R Us rather than being upfront.

Defendants attorneys contend that the lease isn't as restrictive as Toys R Us says it is.

The only thing the DD folks say they are doing is changing their name. The lease, DD says, does not allow the landlord to dictate dress or concept.

In rebuttal, the plaintiffs say that the whole concept is sexual and it will hurt their business.

The defense found that reasoning completely off themark.

The Judge has jury duty tomorrow and a decision will not come until Wednesday.


The final decision on the Double D injuntion will be handed down today at 4PM in Judge Christi Kennedy's court.


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