Couple busted for dog fighting in Gregg County

Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 4:10pm

gregg county — Two people are arrested by law enforcement officials after they were accused of dog fighting by a witness.

Harrison County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call on December 28 at approximately 6:00 PM regarding a disturbance and a possible dog fight at 6711 E. Hwy 80, lot 13, Longview, Texas.

Upon the deputy’s arrival, he was directed to a mobile home that was abandoned at lot 16.The complainants stated that she had seen the suspect, Wallace and his common-law wife, lure a black and white dog into the trailer and knew that there was a dog fight in the trailer.

The deputy located the trailer and found a black and white dog inside. Further investigation revealed that Frednando Wallace, 30, had been at the mobile home and that he fled prior to the arrival of the deputy, according to witnesses.The Marshall Animal Control was notified of the incident and came to the location to remove the injured and other dogs at that location.

The common-law wife of Wallace, Amanda Phillips, 25, was arrested at lot 11 for cruelty to non-livestock animals (training dogs in a fight) and transported to the Harrison County Jail. She posted a bond of $3500.00 and was released.

Later that evening, Frednando Wallace returned to the location and allegedly made a retaliatory threat to the neighbor for calling the Sheriff’s Office and allegedly threw a rock at the complainant’ window. Deputies returned to the location and took and offense report naming Wallace as a suspect in that incident. A warrant was issued for his arrest and he was arrested after a traffic stop in Gregg County by DPS Troopers.

Wallace posted bond and was released. The case against Wallace for the cruelty to non-livestock animals has been filed and is awaiting disposition.

From Harrison County Sheriff's Office


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