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Community reacts to East Texas "Turf War" video

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 12:54pm

The same Jacksonville Police detective that investigated the "Turf War" brawl is now warning parents about the infamous YouTube video that received hundreds of views before it was pulled from the website.

"They were just appalled. They were completely taken by surprise," said Javier Guerra with Jacksonville Police.

Jacksonville High School student Cynthia Quintana tells KFXK, she first saw the video at school.

"I kind of know one...some of the guys, and I just don't understand, why would they be fighting? Especially during school time. And I saw how violent it was and I just don't like it," Quintana said.

Now parents say they want the teens in that video off the streets and into community centers...

"People were talking about getting children involved in doing stuff - it will probably get them out of the streets from doing all of those things and get them more involved in sports. Anything that would not get them in fights," Quintana said.

Many say it's the only way to make sure fights like the one in the video won't happen again.

"I really don't want that to happen. I wouldn't want anybody to get hurt," Quintana said.

KFXK has been covering this story since the beginning. See our coverage below.

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