Catholic school teacher fired for 'violating' school's relationship guidelines

Monday, April 29, 2013 - 1:48pm

Carla Hale was fired after 19 years of teaching at the school after her partner's name appeared in her mother's obituary.

The Diocese of Columbus says, before they are hired, all employees agree to the rules and policies of the church, including respecting the moral values and the teaching of Christ. The Diocese says Hale was fired not for being gay, but a spousal relationship published in the newspaper.

One of the women supporting the church's decision says a large number of Watterson students are upset over the decision.

Hale's attorney said they will file a complaint with the city's Community Relations Committee, which investigates cases of discrimination that violate the city's civil rights code.

In Columbus, there is a city ordinance that protects people from being fired for their sexual orientation, and there are no exceptions in that ordinance for religious institutions.


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