Carrying a gun at work

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - 11:34am

The list of places you can't carry a gun with a concealed carry permit, is short.

but when it comes to a business, the owner has complete control

Now some are asking, should there be a limit?

Right now in Texas, business owners have carte blanche on gun restrictions, and Tyler attorney Sean Healy thinks it time the lines were drawn more sensibly.

“The legislature has compiled a laundry list over the years, of places where they don’t want guns,” Hely told us.

So here’s the situation now. If you have a permit to carry a concealed pistol, but you work for a company that doesn’t allow them on their property, even putting it in the glove box isn’t good enough.

It’s not even good enough to lock the gun in your trunk, since in a recent case in Oklahoma, an employer used sniffer dogs to ferret out guns in cars, and those employees were fired.

“It was in Oklahoma in 2002,” Healy says. “Weyerhouser showed up one day. The company had apparently changed their policy and had not informed the employees yet. And they showed up with dogs and they sniffed things out in the parking lot in employees locked cars. And they fired, I believe, 12 employees for having guns in their cars.”

It hasn’t happened in Texas yet, but some feel that a gun in a car, in a parking lot should be the dividing line for prohibition.

And they want to see that law changed.

But it does involve a conflict of rights, a conflict that is a dilemma for conservatives.

“You have two different rights that are clashing here,” according to Healy. You have the employer’s right to control his premises, and the employees right to be in a safe place and defend themselves. And so the first thing I would say is, a gun in a locked car is not dangerous to anybody. So there’s no real benefit in terms of workplace safety and even OSHA has come to this conclusion.”

But no one has pre-filed a bill yet to allow gun in cars, even if the business prohibits them. Healy feels though, it will happen this session and it will, finally, pass.

For an explanation of the Texas concealed carry law, follow this link…


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