Authorities nab suspect after high speed chase over two counties

Friday, January 7, 2011 - 12:09pm

TYLER - What seemed to be a normal traffic stop turned into a high speed chase leading authorities all over Cherokee and Smith counties.

Police tell us 21-year-old Justin Toole of Whitehouse was behind the wheel. Police say a woman was in the car with him pleading for him to pull over. After Toole wrecked the car he ran, leaving his injured friend in the passenger seat.

She was taken to a local hospital and treated for her injuries during the crash.

Afterwards, Toole came across Edwin Northcutt's truck in Troup. After the joyride Toole finally crashed his second vehicle in a pasture in Cherokee County.

Soon after the crash Toole ran again this time with a chopper on his tail. Police finally caught up with Toole and is now behind bars in Cherokee County.

So far no bail is set.


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