Are teens struggling with disorder or environment?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 1:50pm

Many teens are struggling with mental disorders, some need medication and some don't.

"We've got to get the focus... the big focus off the treatment end and get on to the prevention end," says Dr. Wade French, License Professional Counselor.

Teen mental health has raised many concerns in the United States.

We are talking about mental disorders and how teens are managing.

"There are people and there are children that have behavioral problems that are of a biological nature and do need medication," says Dr. Wade French, License Professional Counselor.

Dr. French tells KETK, but there are also teens who are anxious and depressed because of their risky living environment.

A study says, most teens with mental disorders are not on medication. One in seven teens with a mental disorder has been prescribed medication and fewer with diagnosis are on treatment.

"You don't want to be putting young people on powerful medication if it's absolutely not necessary," says Delos Pinzino, Licensed Professional Counselor.

Pinzino tells KETK, there are long term side effects. and parents should focus on behavioral programs and a positive structure in the home.

"The medication route is a quick fix but like all quick-fixes, it's not a permanent fix," says Dr. Wade French, License Professional Counselor.

French says, our society does little to promote health families, and with better parents, there's a better chance of producing healthier children.

"A lot of parents are reluctant to acknowledge their child's got a problem because they believe it reflects on their parenting," says Dr. Wade French, License Professional Counselor.


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