Alcohol sales show it's helped one East Texas city

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 7:48pm

Beer and wine sales remain an issue for some parts of East Texas.

Some cities in East Texas have recently gone wet, too soon to tell how it's impacted the city.

The city of Henderson stocked their shelves and coolers exactly one year ago.

Has it hurt or helped the city, or is there even a difference?

"Not really much change, i personally don't but alcohol, but i really don't notice a change, we've watched our DWI's...they really haven't changed," City manager, Mike Barrow.

City Manager Mike Barrow tells KETK, the only change he's seen is sales tax.

He says, when they starting selling beer and wine, February 2012 and in two months sales tax hit high.

A poll tells all,

Reports say, alcohol sales have hurt the city a little more then 9% more than 20% see no difference, and close to 70% say it has helped.

That's good news.

"Instead of losing that business to the surrounding areas like Kilgore, we are keep some of that here in Henderson," says Sue Henderson, General Manager, Henderson Economic Development.

Sue Henderson says, there will always be pros and cons about alcohol sales and respects the city of Henderson's views.


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