Alcohol referendum update

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 10:41am

We are just 3 weeks away from election day.

And while we’re all consumed with the Presidential race, Tyler will be making a big decision, too.
Will stores be allowed to sell beer and wine.

We thought we’d check in with the two sides in this referendum today.

Buy Local First collected the signatures to get the issue on the ballot, but Chairman Bob Westbrook was unavailable today.

The opposition was, though.

“Everybody that’s on this thing is in bed with the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce is in bed with them,” SAYS Pastor Mike Daniels of Landmark Baptist Church.

He heads up Stand Strong for Tyler, and he says much of the information like Economist Ray Perryman’s analysis of the economic benefits of alcohol are wrong.

“Perryman works for the Chamber of Commerce, and they’re going to give us a report that’s not biased? In other words, he’s a whore,” Daniels declared.

He is also disappointed that more churches haven’t come out in opposition.

“Oh, I’m totally disappointed that there hasn’t been, that pastors haven’t stood up. You kind of sometimes feel like that you’re a voice crying in the wilderness.”

All in all, Daniels thinks alcohol is only good for one thing.

“It makes fat women look good at closing time.”

Early voting begins on the 22nd, and the local option includes JP precinct 2, which is the Flint, Bullard and Noonday area.


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Daniels is not speaking like a paster.... but he does have a point,

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