12 in Smith County arrested during no-refusal campaign

Monday, January 3, 2011 - 10:53am

The following is an after-action report from our most recent multi-agency No Refusal DWI campaign, December 30th, 2010 through January 2nd, 2011:

Total DWI arrests for the No-Refusal campaign for all agencies were 12.

-DPS had 7 DWI arrests during the No Refusal campaign.

-Tyler PD had 5 DWI arrests during the No Refusal campaign.

Total number of refusals for breath/blood specimens was 3.

-DPS had 2 refusals.

-Tyler PD had 1 refusal.

This is a grand total of 12 DWI arrests with 3 (25%) refusals.

Looking at last year’s total number of arrests (15), this year saw a decrease of 20% in the number of DWI arrests.

Lindale PD had a fatality accident during the campaign, on January 1st. It was believed to be alcohol related, but resulted in the death of the suspect; blood results are pending.

From Tyler Police Department


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