'Transformers' star slams Khloe Kardashian

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 3:13pm

In the April issue of GQ, the always candid Shia LaBeouf lets it be known that he's still bitter about the way the media handled his widely-publicized car crash in 2008. Although he was initially arrested in Los Angeles on a misdemeanor drunk driving charge, a couple of days later it was announced that Shia was not at fault in the accident, which left him with a severely injured left hand.

"I'd be watching the news, and they'd play my car crash, and every once in a while Kim Kardashian's sister [Khloe] would jump on TV and preach to me from the red carpet about how to live my [expletive] life," he shares. The reality star, who served 173 minutes in jail for a 2007 DUI charge, had these words of wisdom for Shia: "Just be smarter," she told Us Weekly at a red carpet event. "Think about your actions and get a driver. It's so much cheaper in the long run!"

Not surprisingly, LaBeouf didn't exactly appreciate Khloe's unsolicited advice.

"And I'm so upset, man. I'm so angry," he tells GQ. "Because this accident was not caused by me. I got hit. I had a green. This [expletive] ran a red light. And he flipped my truck, and he shoveled it on my hand. And my fingers are in the street ... They're in the street, they're off, they're under the truck door, man. This is fake, dude," he says, lifting his newly reconstructed hand. "This is hip bone and the skin that was left over..."

"I thought my life was pretty wild," he laughs. "I'm Richie Rich. I land in New York, secretly thinking I'm like the coolest guy in the world. I've been on the cover of GQ! But then I met these guys, and it's humbling. It's the most sex-drugs-and-rock-'n'-roll atmosphere that exists on the planet. I was hanging out with some wild human beings."

Somehow these wild human beings managed to turn the actor on to an interesting new hobby, trading, which he's apparently pretty good at. "I trade in my boxers now," he notes. "I'm up early for the markets. I'm real-time all day long." On the morning of his GQ interview, Shia revealed his online Schwab Active Trading account had grown to close to $450,000!

The 23-year-old actor looks ready to work in a wool three-piece suit, $1455, by D&G.

In addition to trading, Shia also found love on the "Wall Street 2" set. When asked about his girlfriend, Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, he does his best to make sure he's not sharing too much. "I never really had anything in my life that was off-limits," he says. "But with this, just out of respect, I just don't want to f— around. She's an unbelievably thought-provoking actress, the most talented actress I've ever met in my life, by leaps and bounds. Neither one of us are fame whores. It works out. It's not like we're the premiere couple; we're not the red-carpet king and queen."

While the 23-year-old is still understandably upset about the damage that was done, fortunately it hasn't hindered his ability to keep making movies. LaBeouf appears next alongside Michael Douglas as an ambitious young trader in "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." To do research for the role, he headed to Wall Street to learn the ropes on the trading floors and had quite an eye-opening experience.

"It's easy to villainize these guys with the big paychecks," says Shia. "But they're not all bad. I'm a pretty left-wing character, and I come from whatever collar is lower than blue. But meeting these guys really opened my mind a lot. I've never seen people with more drive and determination in my life."
Nathaniel Goldberg/GQ

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