Murderer pleads guilty to sexual assault mid trial

Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 2:12pm

Lufkin ,Tx — In the middle of a trial by Lufkin judge on a rape charge, a paroled Nacogdoches murderer opted to plead guilty following testimony about DNA evidence collected from the victim.
Rickie Griffin, 42, accepted a mid trial plea bargain of 20 years in prison after hearing the testimony of a Lufkin Police Dept. crime scene tech, according to prosecutor Dale Summa.
“We put on DNA evidence that said the (DNA) on the panties did match that of the defendant,” Summa said. “After that the defendant asked to take a break. He came back asking what the offer would be if he changed his plea to guilty.”
Though Griffin already knew about the DNA evidence going into trial, Summa said it sometimes takes defendants hearing how compelling testimony is in the courtroom to make them admit their guilt.
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