KPD alerts public of active scams in the area

Friday, March 16, 2012 - 8:12pm

The Kilgore Police Department would like to warn the public of two recently active scams in the Kilgore area. The Department has received several reports of Foreign Lottery Scams. These type scams consist of receiving an unsolicited letter in the mail claiming you have won a lottery, prize, sweepstake or an award. The letter may even contain a counterfeit check.

The scammers usually request you send or wire money, most commonly via Western Union or Money Gram, in order to receive your winnings. The most common reason given for sending the money is to cover fees or taxes so you can receive your “money or prize.” Do not be fooled. You will not receive a dime and if you cash a counterfeit check you could be held both monetarily and criminally responsible. All foreign lotteries are illegal. Never wire money unless you know who is receiving it. Protect yourself and others from this scam.

The Department has also received reports of unknown parties soliciting home repair work. Home repairs such as asphalt work, calking, roofing and house leveling has traditionally been a favorite for scam artist such as the “Travelers” or gypsy con-artist. These groups of con-artist travel the country every year scamming homeowners especially the elderly. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

o Selling door to door
o Claiming to have left over material from another job
o No contact or agreement
o Cost is too good to be true
o Unmarked truck or van
o Cash only sales
o Pushes for a quick decision and money up front

Always get bids and seek references from local contractors for any home repair. Don’t become a victim. Please report any suspected scams or suspicious activity to the Kilgore Police Department at 903-983-1559.


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