Group fights lawsuit against Wood County "In God We Trust" display

Monday, September 10, 2012 - 2:34pm

WOOD COUNTY — A motion has been made to toss aside a suit that claims God has no place in the courtroom.
The conservative Liberty Institute calls the suit, which seeks to stop Wood County commissioners from opening sessions in prayer and displaying the motto “In God we trust,” frivolous.
According to KFXK news partners, KTBB, Jeff McTeer, a spokesman for the Libery institute, says that the lawsuit is an attack on America's 200+ year history, since the country has always acknowledged religion's role in our society.
But Dr. Timothy Gorsky with the North Texas Church of Freethought disagrees.
Gorsky says, “That doesn’t mean that this is legal and is not an illegal endorsement of religion, which the Constitution bars the government from doing.”


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