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Monday, April 23, 2012 - 7:40am

Brain training leader LearningRx Tyler, is offering tips for parents looking to improve their children’s grades, learning skills and confidence for Spring and Summer 2012 !!.

Here’s a sampling of the tips:

1. Get them playing music. Encourage your child to learn an instrument. This could be through lessons, video instruction or even a self-taught booklet. There is a strong correlation between music and grades; not surprising since music enhances language learning and spatial reasoning, among other things.

2. Try teaching them another language. If you don’t know one, find a class on the computer or get a book or video from the library and learn together! Learning another language strengthens major brain skills like executive control, increases multi-tasking skills and can help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s later in life.

3. Have you child’s brain skills tested. Cognitive skills training centers usually offer low-cost tests to measure and evaluate skills like attention, visual and auditory processing, logic and reasoning, processing speed and memory. If any weaknesses are found, the skills can be strengthened with one-on-one brain training. Unlike tutoring, which focuses on academics, brain training addresses the root causes of any learning struggles. If you improve learning skills, you improve grades and confidence.

For more tips on improving grades, learning, skills and confidence contact Martin Krueger at 903-617-6899 or martink@learningrx.net .

To learn more about brain training, visit www.learningrx.com/TYLER.

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