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Holiday treats with Candy and Cakes by Carrie

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 10:20am

Carrie Beckham and Karla Ramon with Candy and Cakes by Carrie stop by with a myriad of delectable treats that are perfect for any get together this season.

To see more of what Carrie's store offers head over to or call (903)947-CAKE (2253).

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We used her bakery before and it was very positive. Carrie is really charming. It was a retirement party and we wanted a cake shaped like a firefighter helmet. It was all last minute because the original person we hired flaked. Went to her shop and gave her my helmet to use as a model and she made a cake EXACTLY like it; same shape, size, bright color and everything. Picked it up at lunch next day and at the party it was gone in 20 minutes. It was really good.

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