What's the Attraction of Managing a Hotel?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 11:55am

If you've ever stepped into a hotel lobby and just stared in awe at the beautiful surroundings, such as ornate paintings, velvet furniture, plush carpet, and colorful accessories, you might understand the attraction of managing a hotel.

You may also ask where hotels get their five-star rating and can attract millions of guests every year. The answer to those questions – and so many more - can be found at a hotel management college.

If you have an innate sense of knowing how people like to be treated, the industry needs more people like you. If this has been a dream of yours for many years, you may enjoy the prestige of managing a large hotel or maybe a smaller, more intimate one. If running a hotel is in the family, taking over and continuing the tradition can keep the memories alive, for both family members and guests.

There are many other reasons why managing a hotel can be an attractive option. They include:

Having control over your own career - Instead of the monotonous 9-5 rat race, you can choose which hours you work; and if you're a work horse, spending many more hours at the office may be just the thing for you.

Being your own boss - Except for the owner, you are in charge of many employees, and together, you can create the best accommodations for your guests.

More financial freedom - Hotel management can be a lucrative career, and if your hotel becomes popular and rates high, it can mean higher incomes for you and your employees.

Creating something visually appealing - If you're into interior design or just want to learn what attracts guests, attending a hotel management college is the ticket to jumpstart your career.

Enjoyment of customer service - If seeing smiles and praises from your guests - or the idea of it - gives you more than just satisfaction then it's time to search out a hotel management college.

Creative license to design - If you love to draw, paint, or have great ideas on hotel designs, the attraction of managing a hotel may appeal to you.

Star struck? - If you've ever dreamed of having celebrities and important individuals frequent your hotel, managing one, with full purpose and intent, can make those dreams a reality.

Managing a hotel includes a lot of responsibilities people don’t think about at first. Getting a degree covers all the bases, whether it’s a two-year degree, bachelors or Hospitality Management Certificate. Any of those is a good foundation for a career with a lot of variety, challenge and satisfaction.


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