How To Turn Your Pool Into a (Temporary) Stage

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 11:23am

You’re lucky enough to own a swimming pool, but occasionally what you really need is a temporary stage.

You can ponder these tantalizing life events, and how they might soon be able to happen:

  • Your talented children have decided to “put on a show.”
  • You want to have a candle-lit evening soiree with 40 of your friends and a small jazz ensemble.
  • Your daughter wishes to have that pre-prom party at your house with 20 couples.
  • Your son has graduated from college and he’d love to hold an outdoor celebration with his live rock band, which will also include a hundred of his friends.
  • You and your spouse have that important wedding anniversary approaching, so you’re planning a semi-formal gathering with a six-piece chamber music group and 85 attendees.
  • A fantastic fifth birthday party for your child, inviting the entire kindergarten class, with a magician whose show works best on a big stage.
  • Your church temple or mosque needs an auction fundraiser and you’d love to host it.
  • You’d like to invite 150 friends and relatives to the wedding gala for your daughter.
  • Perhaps it’s Labor Day and you’d like to have that really enormous barbecue event, with fifteen families and entertainment by a jug band.

With all these ideas and possibilities, your only problem is that you’re blessed to have a beautiful swimming pool, but it takes up too much room. An in-ground swimming pool becomes the center of your social life at home, but if your pool is big enough and your land is small enough, your pool is your back yard.

This becomes problematic when you want to have an outdoor event and you require more space and a stage. Necessity being the mother of invention, there’s an In The Swim pool cover that converts your pool into an additional, usable surface for parties, gatherings, concerts, shows, speaking engagements, meetings, charity auctions, or even dancing. Incredibly, it’s safe and strong enough to support an elephant. Seriously – we’re talking about an African elephant.

Incredulity may have sink in as you wonder if an In The Swim pool cover can hold the weight of several people without becoming a sagging trampoline. After all, an adult elephant can weight 14,000 pounds. Your automobile only weighs two tons. But the Loop-Loc Ultra-Loc II Solid Safety Cover is a solution that’s way outside the box. It’s stronger than steel, constructed from Polypropylene. That’s the miraculous material being used to make the new Boeing 787 jetliners.

This obviously isn’t just some rubber tarp; the Ultra-Loc II is a connected high-tensile grid of square panels, amazingly lightweight enough to use easily. It is fastened to your pool apron with Superman-strong stainless steel springs that have individual vinyl covers. The system uses brass anchors and you never see the hardware. Fine mesh drain panels allow melting snow or rain to pass right through, keeping out any silt, dirt, leaves, or pollutants.

The entire cover can be easily removed, folded, and placed in a storage bag when not being used. To protect your pool, render it safe, keep the heat in, and particularly to construct that instant stage area, it takes about 30 minutes. If your pool is an irregular shape, you can order the cover as customized as you need.

Converting your swimming pool into a stage without draining the water and building a temporary $10,000 structure isn’t probable or cost-effective. And it isn’t necessary. The Ultra-Loc II, In The Swim pool cover takes care of the challenge, bringing Broadway, American Bandstand, or Woodstock to your pool area, letting everybody walk on water - including your elephant. 


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