Can Your Printer Turn Into a Robot Toy?

Friday, October 26, 2012 - 1:27pm

You probably have one or two dead printers lying around the house or office and have no idea what to do with them. Unfortunately, your printer’s lifespan is often quite short-lived. It will either die after about two years of use, or become obsolete much faster than you expect. Whichever way, you will end up with an old, useless printer that you don’t use anymore. The big question then is what can you possibly do with your dead printer? Here are some fun ideas.

  • Printer Mini-Museum: You can use your collection of old printers to create a mini-museum of old technology. It would be particularly useful if you have many different printer models from the past, which you could put on display.  
  • Training:  An old or dead printer that wouldn’t start up or print, and if it does print, it prints crazy, offers you a great opportunity to learn the finer details of how printers work, as well as how to fix a malfunctioning printer. Since you have already purchased a replacement printer, you don’t have to worry about causing any damage. Open it up, experiment and learn.
  • Foot Rest: You can easily convert your dead printer into a comfortable foot rest. This is a good idea if your printer has a flat top. All that you need to do is glue a cushiony fabric to the top of the printer and let it dry.
  • Geeky Flower Vase: You can easily convert your small home printers into flower vases. Just place them strategically in your living room and use the paper feed to hold your flowers.
  • Pranks: Instead of letting your dead printer take up space in your home or office, you can get rid of it by pulling a prank on your friends. Wrap up the printer nicely and send it as a gift.

Now that you have some fun ideas of putting your old junk into good use, how will you go about getting a replacement printer? It is obvious that you will have to replace your printer every two to three years. Buying a new printer each time and having to replace it so often can prove expensive in the long run. Refurbished HP printers are affordable, and offer the same benefits that you would get from buying a brand new printer. 

Refurbished HP printers are technically new printers that the manufacturer cannot sell as new. They usually are products returned as a result of cancelled orders, slightly damaged and cosmetically flawed products, overstocks or demonstration products. You can buy refurbished HP printers at a fraction of the cost of a brand new printer. In addition, they come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.  


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